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Corporate Management Solutions Publish advertisements on its website and partners websites. Advertisers can run ads on the Corporate Management Solutions Web pages and its sub-domains. We have the following sub domains:

  1. Home Page 
  2. Management
  3. Hosting

Price List

Type of Advertisement


1 Text Links $25 per month
Minimum Contract Period 3 Months

Left  panel, Right Panel or between paragraphs

1 Button $40 per month  Size 120 X30
(100KB static or animated)
Minimum Period 3 Months

Left or Right Panel

1 Half Banner $50 per month 230x60
(100KB static or animated)
Minimum Contract Period 2 Months.

Second half at the Bottom

1 Half Banner $69 per month  230X60
(100KB static or animated)

First half at the Top

1 Full Banner $79 per month Size 460x60
(100KB static or animated)

Second half at the Bottom

 1  Full Banner $99 per month  460X60
(100KB static or animated)

First half at the Top

A4 Page Review $250 Per Year
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Discount is possible if advertisements are run for more than 3 months

Special offer for those advertisers who wish to run advertisement on the whole website, all websites or yearly basis.

  Terms of Service
  1. The above prices are for running ad on one website. If you wish to run ad on more sites just add the price.
  2. Advertisement will run for the specified period on the selected website as the both parties agreed.
  3. Advertisement will be displayed on the agreed space of the selected website.
  4. Ad will be displayed within 24 hours after receiving the payment.
  5. Advertiser will provide banner and text material.
  6. We approve the ad before running on the website.
  7. Nude and Vulgar Ads will not be displayed
  8. Drugs and Sex ads will not be displayed.
  9. No refund will be made when the ad is published on the selected website(s).
  10. Discriminatory Ads will not be published.
  11. If you have any question or complaint, please send us email.


  1. We do not reveal your contact details to any third party.




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